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Most importantly, thank you for visiting Sweat Style. I’m so glad you stopped by. A few things about me and why I am in L O V E with Sweat Style: 

Can we just say sweating isn’t sexy!? Sauna clothes don’t have to be equally as unappealing. I want to feel confident while in my pieces - the trash bag days are over. Each piece is designed with the highest quality and to be fashionable. I’m a busy mom that wants to maximize my workouts in the most efficient way. 

Each piece is designed to last - no one wants to keep buying trash bags and cheap items over and over. Sweat Style is designed for busy people who want to feel sexy while wearing a sauna piece.

Stay in touch with me as the Sweat Style Community builds! Be a part of the journey via email and social media @thesweatstyle.



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