NeoPro Sauna Top (Unisex)

Sweat Style

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Over the years I have tried every sauna product on the market only to become frustrated with all of them.                                                                                               

 Plastic Shirts and Stretched out waist bands are a thing of the past.

After 30 samples and 18 months of designing this top - This easily became the only Sauna Top for me! 

Being a busy mom I need a product that provides maximum results in the most efficient way possible and fits my body. This sauna top heats up my arms, back fat and tummy -winner winner! Most importantly, I feel confident knowing I look good, the material is made perfectly to move with my body, this top will last a long time, and it makes me sweat


Fit and Fabric 

This top is perfect bringing a full synthetic sauna top designed to be worn alone or under apparel. This NeoPro zipper top creates a full heat impact generating maximum energy and calorie burn during any activity. Warming up your muscles in the sauna top reduces the risk of injury and increases recovery time. With proper care this NeoPro top will last a long time (psst..more bang for the buck).

  • Front zipper with a backing to provide comfort
  • Breathable side seem specifically designed for all types of movement
  • 5.5 inch sleeve
  • 3mm thick NeoPro material promotes thermal temperature
  • Triple stitched for maximum durability and long term use
  • Full Torso coverage creating a 360 sauna-like experience
  • 80% neoprene / 20% Nylon
Product Care
  • Hand Wash with cool water
  • Wash inside out
  • Hang dry

Sizing Tip The size chart below is accurate; however, to make it simple - order your normal shirt size. If you typically, want your gym clothes to fit loose then go a size up. The material does stretch a little (so you can squeeze into a smaller size if you would like).